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Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator
Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator
February 8, 2014 5:05 PM CST

State-of-the-art excavator brings high efficiency to the jobsite

Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator


The all-new Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator brings efficient performance to the market in a state-of-the-art package. This new model incorporates innovative features that enhance productivity, operator comfort, efficiency and cost savings on the jobsite. The 450Z NXT2 compact excavator includes many upgrades from the previous 450Z model.

The new 450Z NXT2 is equipped with a 37.7 hp (28.1 kW) electronically-controlled Yanmar Tier IV emissions-certified diesel engine which provides up to 20% less fuel consumption than the previous 450Z model and features an electronic throttle for precise control. Two other important cost saving features include ECO mode and auto deceleration. When activated by the flip of a switch inside the cab, ECO mode will reduce the engine speed by 10% without sacrificing power. Utilizing ECO mode will save fuel when full speed is not necessary. Auto deceleration mode improves fuel economy, lowers noise levels and reduces emissions by decreasing the engine speed to idle after four seconds without hydraulic movement.

Multiple improvements have also been made to the operator’s compartment to enhance productivity and controllability. To address productivity, the controls on the 450Z NXT2 have been improved to include a proportional auxiliary hydraulic rocker switch which vastly enhances attachment options. This allows the operator to adjust the hydraulic flow for optimal attachment performance. The operator can easily select standard ISO or an optional backhoe control pattern with a turn of a mechanical lever. An integrated digital display located in a highly-visible area features recordable maintenance history with adjustable time intervals and reminders. The display unit also records hours used for the past 90 days and can be monitored without starting the engine.

The operator’s compartment has been enlarged and redesigned to offer the most advanced features in operator comfort. A 4-way adjustable seat offers custom height, weight and backrest positions with a retractable belt. An optional cab enclosure, with heat or heat/air-conditioning systems, provides comfort and protection in extreme weather conditions. An adjustable suspension seat and arm rests provide personalized comfort.

Serviceability on the 450Z NXT2 has been greatly enhanced over the previous model. Tool-free access is made possible by large swing-out doors on the back and right-hand side of the machine. These compartments reveal the entire engine and daily maintenance points; radiator, oil cooler, battery and fuses. Remove the cab floor panels, kick plates and tip the seat back to reveal the starter, alternator, fuses, control module and control valve. A left-side front panel reveals the control pattern selector and the left-side rear panel is a handy lockable toolbox for operator necessities. On units equipped with an enclosed cab and air-conditioning, the A/C components are easily accessible via a tool-free access door on the upper-rear part of the machine.

Features that carry over from the previous model include the Power-a-Tach® hydraulic quick coupler which allows attachment changes by the flip of a switch inside the cab. The operator leaves the seat only to engage and disengage the safety pin. Other important performance features include a high- strength boom with sliding cylinder guards that protect the rods from damage and the high- performance hydraulic system with two variable and two gear pumps for simultaneous operation without loss of power. A factory-installed hydraulic thumb attachment option further enhances versatility and jobsite adaptability.

The Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator is positioned in the North American market to meet the needs of contractors, agricultural customers, and the rental industry. Mustang Zero-Tail- Swing Compact Excavators excel in applications such as grading and excavating, trenching, digging, demolition and recycling and light utility construction. Their compact nature and zero-tail-swing design make them ideal in situations where space is limited.

“The new 450Z NXT2 zero-tail swing excavator from Mustang exceeds the market’s demand for a powerful machine, while providing options that reduce operating costs,” said Nathan Ryan, product manager for Mustang zero-tail-swing compact excavators. “In today’s business climate, excavator owners and operators are looking for ways to cut operating costs without impacting productivity. The 450Z NXT2 provides a Tier IV emissions-certified Yanmar engine and power conserving features that result in up to 20% fuel savings over the previous 450Z model. Add in the new state-of-the-art features - proportional auxiliary hydraulic controls, digital display, oversized re-designed cab and serviceability improvements - and owners will find the new Mustang 450Z NXT2 zero-tail-swing compact excavator a great companion on the job.”

About the Author

Lori A. Heidecker is the Marketing Services Manager for Gehl Company.


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