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Model 20 UTL Drill
Model 20 UTL Drill
March 31, 2014 7:00 AM CDT

New masonry products for March 2014

Drills, meters, trowels and more


Model 20 UTL Drill

E-Z Drill
Stillwater, Okla.

E-Z Drill’s Model 20 UTL Drill saves time and money by allowing companies to pinpoint the site of a gas leak without tearing out a significant stretch of roadway. The Model 20 UTL can handle virtually any type of vertical drilling application. The standard 18-inch drill depth can be modified significantly based on needs, with depths customized to several feet deep. Drill bit diameter ranges from 5/8 inch to 2 1/2 inches. A minimum of 100 cfm compressed air is required for operating the drill.

Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 Concrete Cover Meters


Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 Concrete Cover Meters
Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 Concrete Cover Meters
Proceq’s Profometer cover meters PM-600 and PM-630 instruments offer precise measurement of rebar location, orientation, concrete cover and rebar diameter estimates. Profometer PM-600 and PM-630 include an all-in-one Universal Probe. Use the probe with the detachable cart for smooth measuring utilizing an on-board wireless path measuring system. The integrated spot probe is designed to take measurements in corners where space is limited, and for areas with congested rebar arrangements. Control buttons and LEDs directly on the probe support the user during the process.

Graffiti Shell WB

Auburndale, Fla

Graffiti Shell WB
Graffiti Shell WB
Seal-Krete, producer of concrete and masonry coatings manufactured by Convenience Products, introduced Graffiti-Shell WB. Graffiti-Shell WB, available spring 2014, is a two-component, water-based urethane coating that can be applied to concrete, brick and stucco surfaces to make them resistant to permanent damage from graffiti. The coating also provides superior resistance to water exposure, solvents, chemicals, UV rays and extreme weather. Graffiti-Shell WB is suitable for indoor or outdoor use as a coating for schools, bridges, concrete sound barriers, and other concrete surfaces likely to be damaged by graffiti.

Steam-Flo Line’s SF-50

Sioux Corp.
Beresford, S.D.

Steam-Flo Line’s SF-50
Steam-Flo Line’s SF-50
Sioux Corp. offers the Steam-Flo steam generator as a reliable, economical, portable source of low-pressure steam. These generators are ideal for accelerating the curing process in precast concrete operations, heating aggregates for ready-mix concrete operations, sterilizing soil, heating railcars, degassing tanks, and thawing frozen pipes, culverts, etc. Sioux adds the SF-50 to the Steam-Flo line. The SF-50 is the largest steam generator that Sioux manufacturers.

Poly Pro Trowel Blade

Wagman Metal Products Inc.
York, Pa.

Poly Pro Trowel Blade
Poly Pro Trowel Blade
Wagman Metal Products Inc.’s WW616SRP Poly Pro plastic power trowel blade is a steel-reinforced plastic finish blade that fits the WHITEMAN eight-foot, 12-bladed HTXD-6i model power trowel from MULTIQUIP. This blade joins the steel blades in Original Silver, Blue XL, Gold Pro and the float pans in Z-clip and safety-catch style, also for this machine. This blade is added to the other popular Poly Pro blades. The Poly Pro blade allows the finisher to control the dark burn marks typical of steel blades when finishing.

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