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WEDA Small Range Pumps
WEDA Small Range Pumps
April 27, 2014 7:00 AM CDT

New masonry products for April 2014

Pumps, saws, valves and more


WEDA Small Range Pumps

Atlas Copco
Commerce City, Colo.

Atlas Copco has introduced a small range of WEDA pumps to provide fast and efficient dewatering. In addition to the original nine pumps, the WEDA04 and WEDA08 provide drainage pumping, with the WEDA08S for sludge pumping and the WEDA04B for low-suction pumping. The WEDA04 drainage pump is equipped with a 400-watt electric motor, while the WEDA08 has a 750-watt electric motor. With a 400-watt electric motor, the WEDA04B residual pump has the ability to pump down to one millimeter of water. The WEDA08S sludge pump is designed for difficult sand and mud applications.

Concrete Piling Saw

Holliston, Mass.

Concrete Piling Saw
Concrete Piling Saw
A pneumatic saw and track system that can be attached to concrete pilings to even off the tops and casings or remove old piles in one piece to simplify reprocessing is available from ESCO Tool. The ESCO APS-438 Concrete Piling Saw features a 14-inch fiberglass reinforced blade that rapidly cuts concrete up to five inches thick and is ideal for evening off the tops of piles up to 60 inches in diameter and for cutting casings. Fully supported on a trolley that rolls along an easy-to-install FlexTrack system, this air-powered saw speeds pile cutting and minimizes operator fatigue.

Laser Distance Meters for Faster Measurements

Milwaukee Tool Corp.

Laser Distance Meters for Faster Measurements
Laser Distance Meters for Faster Measurements
Milwaukee Tool Corp. has added two laser distance meters that are designed for faster measurements and increased productivity. The 2281-20 Laser Distance Meter offers five different measurement functions that allow users to calculate length (to 200 feet), area and volume, as well as measure distance with indirect measurement (Pythagorean), and stake out equal distances such as studs. In addition to these functions, the 2282-20 Laser Distance Meter has increased distance measurement (to 260 feet), a timer delay for increased measurement accuracy and effortless single-person operation.

New and Improved Drain Valve

Global Sales Group
Redmond, Wash.

New and Improved Drain Valve
New and Improved Drain Valve
Global Sales Group introduces an Engine Oil Drain Valve for industrial engines and construction equipment. The new EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces traditional oil drain plugs for clean and easy oil changes with just a touch of a finger. A Ball Valve mechanism offers leak proof operation as does nickel-plating. An O-ring Seal adds improved sealing ability, and plastic lever cover allows easy open and close. Once installed without any special tool, all you need to do is simply turn the lever to drain oil. Turn the lever back and it locks closed.

MFM Patents Powerbond Adhesive System

MFM Building Products
Coshocton, Ohio

MFM Patents Powerbond Adhesive System
MFM Patents Powerbond Adhesive System
MFM Building Products PowerBond adhesive system has received US patent approval (Patent No. 8,603,629). The patented PowerBond technology was developed to allow select MFM waterproofing membranes to be applied in temperatures as low as 25°F, while remaining stable at elevated temperatures. The dual layer/two-component PowerBond system has been incorporated into several of the company's premium Peel & Seal, WindowWrap and underlayment products. PowerBond products adhere aggressively to the building substrate, provide self-sealing capabilities around fasteners, and will not crack or dry out for excellent waterproofing protection.

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