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ConcreteCalc Pro
ConcreteCalc Pro
May 7, 2014 7:00 AM CDT

ConcreteCalc™ Pro reduces waste, cuts estimating time

Improves design accuracy


The ConcreteCalc™ Pro is an advanced yard, feet-inch-fraction concrete construction-math calculator from Calculated Industries, makers of the Construction Master Pro. The easy-to-use ConcreteCalc Pro helps improve design accuracy, cuts estimating time in the field or in the office, and helps prevent re-work with fast, accurate solutions for bricks and blocks, square-ups, loads, area, volume, rebar, drop and stairs. It is an ideal tool for highway, paving and masonry contractors.

Tony Genier of Concrete Professionals, Inc., in Middletown Springs, VT, says, “We are a small company and time is money. The calculator helps set diagonals with perfection. We can also quickly calculate the number of bricks or blocks we’ll need for building a wall or how much mud we need for a pad.”

This is how easy it is to calculate the number of standard bricks (2-1/4" x 8")
needed for an 8' high, 36' 6" long wall:

  • Calculate and enter the brick area: 18 square inches
  • Multiply the wall length times height: 292 square feet
  • Find number of bricks: 2,336
You can also find the number of standard 8" x 16" blocks needed for a 4' high “L” shaped retaining wall with sides 22' long and 15’ 8" long.
  • Enter the block size.
  • Add the wall lengths.
  • Multiply times wall height.
  • Solve for number of blocks: 169.5 (170)
  • Add a 5% waste factor: 177.95 (178) blocks.
Similarly, you can use the rebar function to find the total linear feet and the rebar weight per foot for a 23' x 16' slab using No. 5 rebar, 16" spacing and 3" inset.
  • Weight per foot: 1.042 pounds per foot
  • Total linear feet: 533 feet, 6 inches
  • Total rebar weight: 555.843 pounds
The ConcreteCalc Pro can also solve circular solutions for area, arc, circumference, columns and cones; and with the polygon function, users can calculate full angles and bi-sect angles. For small jobs, a push of a button will determine the number of bags of concrete needed.

For more information on the ConcreteCalc Pro, including videos, go to

About the Author

Calculated Industries is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of specialty calculators and measuring devices. The company has been awarded the #1 Quality rating three times in the Builder Instruments category in the Builder Magazine Brand Use Study.


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