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LATUX offers a wide variety of blades and products for the masonry industry
LATUX offers a wide variety of blades and products for the masonry industry
May 20, 2014 7:00 AM CDT

Company Profile: LATUX Diamond Blades Distributors

One of the leading distributors of quality diamond tooling


LATUX Diamond Blades Distributors is fast becoming the #1 Blade Supplier in the country. We have been in business since June 2004, and have kept our doors open through the Construction Downturn and Recession by maintaining our quality and customer service practices. Our motto is “Quality Inspires Loyalty”, and we hold ourselves to this standard every day.

For the last 9 years, our best selling blade has been the Hurricane Blade. It is designed to be a Professional Combination blade, and can cut Brick, Block, Pavers, Concrete (with or without reinforcement), Natural Stone, Asphalt, and even Granite. It has a trademark Yellow and Black color pattern, 84 cooling holes drilled into the core to dissapate heat, Segments that are on a 45° angle to speed the cut, and every 5th segment is a Drop segment to kick out any slurry that builds up. We have over a 90% re-order rate on this blade, and have built our reputation on it!

Hurricane Blade - Combo Supreme Blades
Hurricane Blade - Combo Supreme Blades
The Huricane has been so succesful, that we went back to see if we could improve on it, and the Hurricane Category 5 Blade was born. It has the same bonding and segment mixture, so it can cut the same variety of materials, however you can now get more! This blade has a JUMBO 15 mm segment height, as opposed to the 10 mm height of the original Hurricane Blade. It also has Turbo Grooves in the segments that allow it to cut nearly twice as fast as the original Hurricane. This is the blade for the serious contractor that understands time is money, and the lower labor cost from a blade running quicker, as well as less time wasted changing blades, just adds to your bottom dollar.

Hurricane Category 5 - Ultra Supreme Blade
Hurricane Category 5 - Ultra Supreme Blade
We are also proud to be one of the few companies able to offer LX or Patterned Diamond Technology, which is the greatest innovation in the diamond tooling world in the last 15 years. Simply put, the diamonds are placed in the segments in a specific layered pattern rather than the random spray as with standard diamond tools. This computer aided design insures that the diamonds are perfectly distributed throughout the segments giving the blade or core bit a faster and smoother cut as well as a longer life. The allignment means that you can cut from the start of the blade straight to the Laser Weld, and have an even amount of diamonds working at all times. It also allows for a 25% - 35% faster cutting speed and 30%-40% longer life on your blade or bit.

LX Technology Core Bit
LX Technology Core Bit
In addition to Diamond Blades and coring bits, we carry the full line of LENOX products from reciprocating saw blades, Hole saws, and tool kits. We have a new line of Carbide Tipped Drill bits for Rotary Hammers, SDS Plus, and SDS Max drills, and wood cutting Carbide Tipped Saw blades. We have all your equipment needs as well, like Compactors, Mortar Mixers, Table Saws, Core Drill Rigs, Concrete Chain Saws, and more from all the top manufacturers.

Please call us today at 800-413-1427 and let us show you why we live the motto: Quality Inspires Loyalty!

About the Author

David Kaye is a Sales Specialist for LATUX Diamond Blades Distributors.


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