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Synpro Masonry Cleaner and Efflorescence Remover
Synpro Masonry Cleaner and Efflorescence Remover
July 3, 2014 3:05 PM CDT

Synpro Masonry Cleaner and Efflorescence Remover

Product spotlight


The masonry industry – and the construction industry, in general – must continue moving toward the use of more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and products. Home owners and project managers increasingly demand more of contractors to use products that are safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly, yet effective. As home owners and project owners continue to demand more of contractors, they, in turn, demand more of cleaning product manufacturers.

Synpro offers a full line of synthetic cleaners that replace the need to use harsh and dangerous chemicals. Synpro Masonry Cleaner and Efflorescence Remover is not only the strongest Masonry cleaner in the world, it is also the safest. It out performs the commonly used muriatic (hydrochloric) and phosphoric acids in removing calcium oxide and efflorescence according to independent testing.

Synpro Masonry Cleaner, despite its potency, carries a triple zero HMIS score. It is non-fuming, non-DOT regulated and exceeds OSHA and EPA compliance standards. In addition, the cleaner carries a USDA Authorization Code A1, rendering it safe to use in and around food processing areas and equipment.

Synpro Masonry Cleaner is safe to use on pavers, bricks, blocks, river rock, retaining walls, and architectural concrete. It will clean and remove excess mortar, concrete splash, efflorescence, dirt and grime from most surfaces. It is color safe, will not harm people, animals or plants. It’s biodegradable and 100 percent acid free.

“Synpro products are very easy to apply; simply dilute, apply, agitate and rinse,” says Anthony Jones, V.P. business development for Synpro Products. “The sound environmental composition of this product line provides us the platform to present our products with a high degree of confidence, knowing that our customers will not only have a safe and effective product, but additional built in benefits such as reduced labor cost and regulatory compliance.”

RBI Wholesale is the largest distributor of Synpro Products. “With the stringent regulations in California, Synpro Products was a natural addition for us,” says RBI’s president, Mike Goyne. “We like the combination of potency and effectiveness, along with the safety factor that is the norm with all of their products, whether Safe Etch, Concrete Cleaner or Concrete Dissolver.”

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Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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