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STRUX Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement
STRUX Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement
July 12, 2014 2:20 PM CDT

Concrete admixtures

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Grace has introduced a portfolio of value-added concrete admixtures, fiber reinforcement and products for architectural concrete designed to improve the quality, strength, durability and appearance of concrete. These products are backed by Grace’s technical customer service and support.

STRUX Synthetic Macro Fiber Reinforcement is a form of high-strength, high-modulus synthetic macro fiber reinforcement that is distributed throughout the concrete matrix, thus imparting enhanced toughness, impact and fatigue resistance to concrete. The STRUX line includes STRUX 90/40, which is specifically engineered to provide high, post-crack control performance. It also includes STRUX BT50, a patented, engineered design providing superior post-crack control performance with a broad range of applications.

Top-Cast, a water-based, top-surface retarder for poured-in-place flatwork and the top surface of precast panels. In addition, Grace offers Hydrotint liquid pigments for colored concrete, which enables concrete producers to integrally color concrete quickly, safely and reliably through the Chameleon PC-based dispensing system. Reliable dosing of liquid pigment into the concrete mix minimizes color variability in finished products, satisfying owners, specifiers, contractors and producers. (Hydrotint and Chameleon are trademarks of Davis Colors.)

Grace’s products for Self-Consolidating Concrete include its ADVA and ADVA Cast superplasticizers; and V-MAR 3, a high-efficiency liquid admixture designed to enable production of self-consolidating concrete by modifying the rheology of concrete. The company’s technological solutions for concrete also include Verifi, which provides service and technology to ensure consistent quality concrete.

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Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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