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BEUMER stretch hood® M
BEUMER stretch hood® M
November 17, 2014 7:00 AM CST

Easy ways to make your jobsite a great place to be

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From warming cold feet in winter to quick methods for performing the simplest of tasks, we’ve rounded up several new products that can help increase efficiency on the jobsite. It seems every function of the masonry construction jobsite can be streamlined and improved. It leaves us wondering, “What’ll they think of next?”

If you have come across products that have made your jobsite experience better, easier, faster, or more efficient, we would like to know about it. You can email your testimonials for jobsite-improving products to We’ll follow up on your recommendations in future issues of Masonry.

Safely Packing Bricks in Less Time

Somerset, N.J.

BEUMER stretch hood M is a multi-format packaging system that can automatically change up to three different film formats, saving time and achieving better load safety. Stretch hood M packages everything from the smallest to the largest pallet. When the stretch hood M’s units release film under the bottom of a pallet, this unitizes the pallet and the load. This process is referred to as understretch, and is an integral part of the stretch hood process as it adds vertical containment forces in addition to the horizontal containment forces. The highly flexible properties of the hood film enable it to be drawn over the entire pallet load and then pulled together again for the understretch. This creates a stable, safer brick pallet load.

Marking Products for a Variety of Professional Uses

New Britain, Ct.

Marking Products for a Variety of Professional Uses
Marking Products for a Variety of Professional Uses
DEWALT introduces five new products to its marking family that fuse innovation with user-focused design for jobsite marking. These new chalks are ideal for professional users who demand high-quality tools. The variety of product designs allows DEWALT to provide the right reel for virtually any job. Marking is essential on any jobsite from laying roofing shingles or as a level reference. Models include the DEWALT Premium Chalk Reel, the Compact Chalk Reel Blue Kit, the Die-Cast Chalk Reel, the Large Capacity Reel, and the 100-foot Chalk Reel. DEWALT marking products are available at The Home Depot and in the independent channel.

Total Stations for the Jobsite, With Enhanced Software

Tulsa, Okla.

Total Stations for the Jobsite, With Enhanced Software
Total Stations for the Jobsite, With Enhanced Software
Hilti has improved the software functionality of their POS 180 and POS 150 Robotic Total Stations by focusing on an interface that provides users the ability to import CAD information directly into the POC 100 controller. This new software helps save time with new “fly out” menus within the plan screen in order to zoom, create, select and edit points, extract points from CAD elements, and create arcs from point—no pen needed. With intuitive operation and automatic target acquisition, the Hilti POS 180 and POS 150 Total Stations are great for 3D layouts: outdoors on the ground or on facades, indoors on floors, ceilings and walls, and for checking positions on plans and measurements for drawing up building plans.The POS 180 and 150 bring the whole jobsite to your fingertips by providing a reliable Building Information Modeling (BIM)-to-the-jobsite and jobsite-to-BIM data flow.

Two Gaseous Models in Mobile Generator Line

Kohler, Wis.

Two Gaseous Models in Mobile Generator Line
Two Gaseous Models in Mobile Generator Line
Kohler Power Systems is releasing two compact gaseous-fueled generators to meet growing demand for cost-effective mobile power in new markets. The units can easily switch between optional on-board LP fuel tanks and external LP liquid, LP gas or natural gas fuel sources. The two models (50 kVA – 70 kVA) are part of a mobile generator line. The two models are eligible for incentives of $1,000 to $3,500 from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and can help reduce users’ fuel costs by 15 percent to 20 percent, when compared to diesel fuel. The 50 kVA features a 4.3-liter naturally aspirated engine while the 70 kVA features a 5.7-liter engine. The two models feature optional on-board LP tanks, so users working in areas without a propane gas supply can use on-board fuel and then switch to an onsite supply, when available.

Remote Controlled Spotlight on 6-Foot Light Pole

Larson Electronics
Kemp, Texas

Remote Controlled Spotlight on 6-Foot Light Pole
Remote Controlled Spotlight on 6-Foot Light Pole
Larson Electronics has released the 65-watt halogen pole-mounted remote control work light. The FPM-72-GLS fixed pole-mounted remote control work light from Larson Electronics is designed to provide convenient and secure lighting for operators working from within the utility vehicle or when away from the vehicle. This pole-mounted light has a 65-watt remote control light head mounted on top of a six-foot aluminum pole equipped with a slip fit mounting base for attachment to the sides of man lifts, lift buckets, trailers or utility vehicles. The 6.5 million candlepower spotlight draws 5.43 amps from a 12-volt DC power source. The aluminum construction, high-power LED light output, easy mounting and high degree of adjustability make this an ideal lightweight alternative to heavy and cumbersome metal halide or incandescent tripod lighting systems.

Versatile New Laser Distance Measurer

Stanley Black & Decker
New Britain, Ct.

Versatile New Laser Distance Measurer
Versatile New Laser Distance Measurer
Stanley has released the lightweight and compact TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer – model STHT77032. The TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer is small enough to fit in a pocket and provides automatic calculations. The Laser Distance Measurer makes job estimates quick and easy, instantly calculating square footage. With a range of 65 feet, the TLM65 Laser Distance Measurer is accurate to within 1/8-inch. A simple, two-button design makes measuring distance, calculating square feet, and even cubic feet. With continuous measurement, finding your target distance is easy, fast and efficient. The handheld, battery-powered device feature state-of-the-art electronics and easy to read LCD screens that make the process of taking long measurements or performing complex calculations fast and easy. This accelerates both estimates and execution of jobs.

Heated Insoles for Lasting Heat on the Jobsite

Bedford, Mass

Heated Insoles for Lasting Heat on the Jobsite
Heated Insoles for Lasting Heat on the Jobsite
ThermaCELL’s Heated Insoles can endure the blistery winter season. With a wireless remote and cordless battery, ThermaCELL Heated Insoles will transform time spent outdoors, whether for work or play. The insoles can be customized to fit any shoe size, from women’s 6 to men’s 13, and are available in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles provide continuous warmth for up to five hours, or using them in intervals, they can last much longer. With advanced heat technology, the insoles provide remote-controlled foot warming comfort as needed. The high-tech wireless remote gives fingertip control between medium heat (100°F), high heat (111°F) and no heat, all while feet remain comfortable through the use of a built-in thermostat. Each remote features a uniquely coded, highly reliable radio frequency transmitter that is paired to one set of insoles and has a range of seven feet.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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