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Amerimix AMX 410 WRM Water Repellent Mortar
Amerimix AMX 410 WRM Water Repellent Mortar
March 18, 2015 3:00 PM CDT

Amerimix releases water repellent mortar with RainBloc GP

Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP inhibits water from penetrating a wall system


Amerimix, a manufacturer of preblended mortar, grout and stucco mixes, has released its new water-repellent masonry mortar, Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar (WRM) with RainBloc GP.

With proven performance both in independent laboratory testing by The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) and on the jobsite, Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP inhibits water from penetrating a wall system. Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP is also part of the total RainBloc system and, when used with concrete masonry units (CMU) that contain RainBloc, creates a wall system with superior moisture resistance.

The patented RainBloc GP technology in Amerimix WRM is the only water repellent agent that is traceable and measurable in the hardened mortar, verifying that the exact proportions for optimal water resistance are included in every bag and every batch. Amerimix WRM also performs as well as mortar without water repellent additives, offering the same superior bond strength and extended mortar board life with less re-tempering required.

And since RainBloc GP is factory blended into Amerimix WRM, masons can save time and money with no measuring, additional steps, waste or mixing mistakes at the jobsite, while also eliminating the need for stocking liquid admixtures. Third-party field testing by the NCMA also confirms that Amerimix WRM helps to make application easier for masons with no impact on the feel, application or workability of the product, unlike other water repellent additives that can increase work time.

Amerimix WRM with patented RainBloc GP technology is designed for applications where a water repellent mortar is required in combination with CMUs that contain RainBloc water repellent. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, Amerimix WRM is specifically engineered to provide long water retention, exceptional workability and superior bond strength over masonry substrates.

About the Author

Eric Peterson is the Director of Marketing for Bonsal American.


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