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Hilti Cordless Drill Driver SF 10W-A18
Hilti Cordless Drill Driver SF 10W-A18
April 24, 2015 7:00 AM CDT

New masonry products for April 2015

Drills, concrete, grinders, and more


Hilti Cordless Drill Driver SF 10W-A18

Tulsa, Okla.

The new Hilti Cordless drill driver SF 10W-A18 is the first cordless tool to deliver corded performance and reliability for high torque and high-speed applications. In high-torque applications like four-inch-hole saw drilling in wood or metal, this drill driver performs as if it were corded. Users have more options to improve drilling performance, due to more rpm options, which allows them to shift into high gear and punch one-inch holes through multiple layers of plywood.

Husqvarna PG 820 RC

Olathe, Kan.

Husqvarna PG 820 RC
Husqvarna PG 820 RC
A remote-controlled floor grinder from Husqvarna makes its first appearance on the market. The PG 820 RC offers high productivity, powerful performance, and outstanding ergonomics. It is easy to transport to and from the jobsite, thanks to its long battery life. The increased productivity derives from more machine hours per day, as the operator can correct hoses and power cord, move the dust collector, inspect the floor, and prepare the next set of tools, all while the machine is still running and executing the job.

Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment

Pomona, Calif.

Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment
Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment
Prolong Super Lubricants offers an advanced, concentrated Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment to improve the fuel mileage and performance of heavy-duty diesel work trucks and commercial vans. Prolong's Commercial Grade Diesel Fuel Treatment is formulated with premium detergents that remove gum, deposits and sludge buildup from injectors and the entire fuel system. The result is better fuel economy and less black smoke, as well as protection against fuel system corrosion and premature wear of pumps and injectors.


The QUIKRETE Companies

The QUIKRETE Cos. introduces of QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro. The first and only concrete mix that delivers one-hour working time, three-hour walk-on time and 6,500 PSI compressive strength with crack, freeze-thaw and corrosion resistance, QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro enables contractors to complete projects quickly, while meeting the necessary structural construction and/or repair requirements. QUIKRETE Q-MAX Pro Concrete Mix provides the working time and rapid strength gain ideally suited for horizontal concrete applications.

Wet-Cast Protector Line

Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Wet-Cast Protector Line
Wet-Cast Protector Line
The wet-cast Protector line is now available to all customers. These products are specially formulated for the treatment of wet-cast concrete products. The new line consists of a surface cleaner as well as a natural and wet-look protector. Techniseal’s wet-cast paver treatment line is specially engineered for wet-cast pavers and slabs. These protectors are formulated to penetrate most wet-cast products, giving pavers oil and water stain protection as well as making the surface easier to clean.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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