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Bill Detinger (center) with Mark Kemp, Richard Felice, Don Grant, and Tom Daniel
Bill Detinger (center) with Mark Kemp, Richard Felice, Don Grant, and Tom Daniel
May 9, 2015 8:00 AM CDT

Circling back

From the editor


As an editor, I enjoy planning, coordinating, writing and editing content for each issue of Masonry Magazine. I always feel happy that I am not only working in communications, but also using my journalism degree exactly as it was intended, which was for the area of magazines.

But here’s where I am really lucky: In addition to loving my job, I appreciate and admire the people I have met through the masonry industry.

Two of those people include Justin Breithaupt, owner of Non-Stop Scaffolding, and Bill Dentinger, a veteran mason contractor who was recently inducted into the Masonry Hall of Fame. As it turns out, Masonry was able to provide an article profiling the history of Non-Stop Scaffolding that hit home with Mr. Dentinger. Following is a wonderful letter he sent to me.

Dear Jennifer,

The “Non-Stop Progress” article/interview in the April (2015) issue of Masonry sure brought back lots of warm memories for me. This is mostly because I had heard all of these quotes first hand, directly from Justin Breithaupt Sr., in the 1960s and early-1970s.

Shirley and I were still in our late-20s when we first met Justin Sr., and we quickly became very close friends. His German last name would have fit right in back in Milwaukee (our hometown), but his Southeastern accent and country-boy style was foreign and fascinating to us. A self-described “North Louisiana Coon Ass,” he was a fooler – because, in fact, he was sophisticated and sharp as a tack.

At the time, we were still in our 20s – immature, socially uneducated and far more likely to order a well-done steak versus elegant cuisine when dining out. One time, Justin Sr. exposed us to French (Creole, really) cooking at a restaurant in Texas. He said, “Let me order for you.” I forget what he ordered for me, but I remember it was delicious. He ordered fish en papilla for Shirley. We were quickly “hooked” on fine dining and began to experiment thereafter.

Justin Sr.’s masonry innovations – scaffolding, speed poles, etc. – are all part of history now, and, of course, Justin Jr., has taken the company to grand, new heights. When still active, Bill Dentinger Inc. was one of the early Non-Stop national customers, and our son’s company, B&D Associates Inc., continues that relationship.

Like I say, the article sure brings back many warm memories.
Bill Dentinger

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

About the Author

Jennifer Morrell was the editor of Masonry magazine. She has 20 years of experience in the publishing industry as a writer and editor, covering such topics as real estate and construction, insurance, health care, relationships and sports. A graduate of The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in magazines and is an award-winning newspaper columnist.


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