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Downcut 14-Inch Compact Saw
Downcut 14-Inch Compact Saw
January 28, 2016 7:00 AM CST

New masonry products for January 2016

Saws, forklifts, coatings, and more


Downcut 14-Inch Compact Saw

Frederick, Md.

Edco’s Downcut saw has a 14-inch blade capacity and is specifically designed with a collapsible handlebar for easy storage under shelving. It features heavy-duty box frame construction and laser-fabricated, thick steel material. It has a misting system for wet cutting as well. Existing EDCO saw features have been condensed into a three- X 1.5-foot footprint. It is ideal for short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt, and traffic loop installation and trenching.

ANBO Releases High Volume Material Bucket Line

ANBO Manufacturing
Colville, Wash.

ANBO Releases High Volume Material Bucket Line
ANBO Releases High Volume Material Bucket Line
ANBO offers a new line of high-volume material buckets for all sizes of tractors, loaders and skid steers. The HV series of buckets is available for smaller machines with bucket sizes from five to six cubic yards. For medium size machines the HV buckets come in six-, seven- and eight-cubic-yard capacities, while the full-size machine buckets come in eight-, nine- and 10-cubic-yard sizes. The product is made of A-572 steel and features AR400 hardened steel in all wear zones.

Bio-Based Sealers

Black Diamond Coatings
Tampa, Fla.

Bio-Based Sealers
Bio-Based Sealers
Black Diamond Coatings products include low-VOC, water-based sealers. The company offers BDC PRO certification programs, which are instructional classes developed to teach professional contractors the benefits and proper application methods for the sealers. The water-based sealer products are safe to use around food, animals, landscaping and children. They are used for hardscape products, including concrete, masonry, clay and natural stone pavers, like travertine. The sealers allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

S150 Rough Terrain Forklift

Sellick Equipment Ltd.
Harrow, Ontario, Canada

S150 Rough Terrain Forklift
S150 Rough Terrain Forklift
Sellick Equipment Ltd. in Harrow, Ontario, Canada is offering a new model of rough terrain forklift. The S150 has a 15,000-pound capacity at a 24-inch load center and is now in full production. This new model is powered by an economical 74-horsepower, four-cylinder, intercooled tier four final electronic engine that produces 295 foot-pounds of torque. The S150 features a fully isolated operator platform that reduces noise and vibration, and the overhead guard structure is both ROPS and FOPS certified.

Techo-Bloc Paving Stones

Techo-Bloc Inc.
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Techo-Bloc Paving Stones
Techo-Bloc Paving Stones
Techo-Bloc is a paving stone company known for redefining landscape products. These products include practical and design-driven creations like the Borealis outdoor slabs, steps and walls made from concrete, but with the look and feel of wood. They require neither maintenance nor treatment. Techo-Bloc has been manufactured to withstand the freeze/thaw effect that occurs in ever changing climates. Techo-Bloc pavers are nearly three times stronger than poured concrete, having a minimum compressive strength of 8,000 psi and a maximum of five percent water absorption.

Proseal Ultra Premium Grade Stone Impregnator Sealer

Charlotte, N.C.

Proseal Ultra Premium Grade Stone Impregnator Sealer
Proseal Ultra Premium Grade Stone Impregnator Sealer
Tenax’s Proseal Ultra Premium Stone impregnating sealer is rated by fabricators as one of the best granite, marble, stone sealers to be used on natural stone. Tenax Proseal is suitable to protect granite against practically all potential kitchen stain-causing items. Proseal impregnating sealer also works well with polished, honed, brushed and matte finishes. It can be used for sealing grout and is recommended for stone that will be exposed to wet conditions such as patios and pavers.

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