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Use Natural Stone website
Use Natural Stone website
May 21, 2016 2:35 PM CDT

MIA+BSI launches website to promote the use of natural stone

Website serves as a comprehensive resource


MIA+BSI: the Natural Stone Institute recently announced a new marketing plan to promote the uses and benefits of natural stone for homeowners, designers, architects, builders, and remodelers. The plan includes a new informational natural stone website (, editorial development, and targeted media campaigns.

Over the years, competing material manufacturers have fueled false rumors regarding natural stone’s inclusion in residential building and remodeling projects. As a means to accurately educate users and consumers about natural stone, MIA+BSI is combining its collective 151 years of industry expertise to address the issues and highlight the inherent benefits of natural stone, which includes granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, and onyx, among many others.

For assistance in increasing awareness of natural stone and its beneficial characteristics, MIA+BSI has teamed up with Atlanta-based home building products and public relations firm Kleber & Associates. The agency has developed the new website to serve as a comprehensive resource for sharing enlightening articles and inspirational photography about natural stone along with a database to locate stone professionals.

“The goal of MIA+BSI is to present educational, authentic, and compelling assertions for the use of natural stone,” said MIA+BSI CEO Jim Hieb. “The Kleber team has more than 30 years of experience working with our target audience and the media, which made them a great fit to assist in our rebranding, content development, and media relations efforts.”

Various types of natural stone can be specified by homeowners, designers, builders, and other professionals. MIA+BSI has plans to accurately promote natural stone to each of these audiences in order to dispel any negative myths and advocate its plentiful benefits, including the fact that stone is low-maintenance, durable, and abundantly available in a wide range of unique colors and textures.

“Building professionals, architects, landscape architects, and designers want to provide a unique product to their clients that is not only attractive, but that compliments the long term life of a building or landscape design,” said Jane Bennet, MIA+BSI executive vice president. “Similarly, homeowners want materials that are beautiful, resilient, and cost-efficient. Natural stone provides the solution.”

For more information about natural stone, visit For more information on MIA+BSI, visit

About the Author

Terri Hewlett is the Office Administrator for the Marble Institute of America (MIA).


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