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EK Select is a phosphate-free interior cleaner and degreaser.
EK Select is a phosphate-free interior cleaner and degreaser.
November 20, 2016 6:00 PM CST

New PROSOCO cleaner earns EPA Safer Choice label


PROSOCO has introduced a new product that meets the EPA's safer product standards. EK Select, a phosphate-free interior cleaner and degreaser for use on soiled stone, tile, masonry and metal panels, has now officially earned the EPA's Safer Choice label.

"This is a really big deal," Al Morris, National Sales Manager for PROSOCO, said of the Safer Choice designation. "We now have independent proof that EK Select is safer for people and the environment while performing to its intended use."

The EPA Safer Choice label means that every ingredient in the product has been reviewed by EPA scientists, is safer for people and the planet, meets EPA safer product standards and is effective.

EK Select offers more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional cleaning formulations. In addition to containing no phosphates, EK Select contains no hazardous solvents, environmentally harmful surfactants, dyes or fragrances.

"At PROSOCO we constantly assess and improve our products as part of our mission to make them safer for people and the planet," Morris said. "Users of EK Select can rest assured that they are making the right decision for themselves and the environment."

Its environmental profile does not compromise EK Select's ability to perform. An effective remover of biological staining, EK Select is an effective interior cleaner in homes, schools and workplaces, and on all kinds of surfaces, from unpolished natural stone like limestone and granite to windows, bathroom tubs and tile, and countertops. EK Select is easy-to-use and water-rinsable.

Three other PROSOCO products have earned the EPA Safer Choice label: DailyKlean, DailyKlean ULTRA 15 and DailyKlean ULTRA 30, which are phosphate-free cleaners for concrete floors.

For more information, including a product data sheet, safety data sheet, environmental credentials, product benefits and more, visit the EK Select product page.

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