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The award-winning project consists of a 13,000-square-foot driveway.
The award-winning project consists of a 13,000-square-foot driveway.
November 28, 2016 12:30 PM CST

East Norport Drive Residence

Elements Paving Stones Featured in Award-Winning Residential Driveway


Elements Paving Stones contribute beauty, elegance and high-end quality to this 17,000 square-foot residential concrete paver project on East Norport Drive in Port Washington, Wis., and helped the project earn a Silver Award in the Best Residential Driveway Application category in the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance’s 2016 Excellence in Hardscape Awards.

The award-winning project consists of a 13,000-square-foot driveway in front of the home and a 4,000—square-foot patio and pool area behind it. The two coordinating paved areas serve to unify the area around the home with an aesthetically pleasing surface that adds value to the property and will stand the test of time.

Interlocking concrete pavers were the material of choice for the project for a number of reasons. First and foremost, aesthetics was a high priority for the project owner. Pavers offer a highly attractive surface that enhances enjoyment of the property and improves its resale value. Pavers are also a practical choice, especially in this northern climate. They flex and move with the earth under the weight of vehicles and as freeze-thaw cycles occur to eliminate cracking. Should a paver break or be displaced, repair is seamless and inexpensive. Pavers are also a more durable option than asphalt, with a life expectancy of 30 years or more.

Project manager Dave Kmetz of The Reesman Co. of Burlington, Wis., worked closely with the owner and with County Materials to select a paver that would best meet the owner’s needs and expectations. Several types of pavers were considered. Due to the size of the project, Kmetz originally suggested machine installation with smaller pavers because it would be cost-effective. But in the end, the homeowner chose Elements Paving Stones for their clean lines and unique appearance.

The primary fill color, Serenity, features blended tones of brown and gray that complement the colors of the home and add color to the property in all seasons. To set off the driveway and provide a softer transition between drive and landscape, tumbled Elements Paving Stones in Vision — a light-cream color — were selected for the border of the drive. This color was also used to create a decorative curved accent at the front entrance of the home.

Elements Paving Stones come in five different sizes and can be mixed and matched according to the application. For this project, 24 x 24 in., 16 x 16 in. and 12 x 24 in. sizes were selected for the poolside patio. The smaller sizes — 16 x 16 in., 8 x 16 in. and 8 x 8 in. – were used for the drive. A total of 14,500 units were used in the project.

The project plan called for an expansion of the original concrete slab driveway into a more functional, horseshoe-shape that includes landing areas in front of the garage and the home’s entrance. Close inspection revealed that the existing concrete was sound enough to be overlaid with pavers. The rest of the project was built on fractured stone aggregates, taking care to match the existing grade heights. Because the paver overlay raised the surface of the drive, care was taken to consider door jamb heights. To avoid drainage issues on the extremely level site, the project crew raised one end of the driveway slightly to create a 1.5 percent slope, draining to a storm channel at the front of the yard.

Drainage was also a major consideration in the backyard patio area. Existing grades required correcting the pitch on the pavers to get the water to shed properly. Rectangular strip drains were also installed in some locations.

A 4,000—square-foot patio and pool area serve to unify the area around the home.
A 4,000—square-foot patio and pool area serve to unify the area around the home.
The backyard entertainment area includes a number of luxury features, including an outdoor TV, hot tub and outdoor lighting. In addition, a grand entrance, made from reclaimed, reconditioned antique ship doors, accents the transition between the front and back yards, and screens a neighboring property from view. Several of the pavers in this area were hollowed out with a hollow core bit and used to house flush-mount landscaping lights to illuminate the ship door entrance.

Ground was broken for this project in mid-May 2015, and it was completed six weeks later. The owner is delighted with the pavers and the project and commented, “County Materials makes an awesome product. We’re very happy with everything.”

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