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MCAA Masonry Foundation
February 22, 2021 8:00 AM CST

The Masonry Foundation Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2020 French Lick Resort French Lick, IN


Attendees:  Mark Kemp, Paul Oldham, John Jacob, Mike Sutter, Gary Joyner, Dick Dentinger, Larry Vacala, Paul Odom, Brian Carney, Calvin Brodie, Melvin Hinton, Damian Lang, Kent Bounds, Paul Cantarella, Kent Huntley, Ryan Shaver, James Hoskinson, Dawn Rogers, Dean Lang, Bob Brown, Keith Stillman, Melvin Schwendeman Beth Gaudio, and Jeff Buczkiewicz 

Donors per level graph represents how many people have pledged at the different category amount:  Chairman - $500,00 plus, Ambassador – $150,000 plus, Governor - $100,000 plus, Fellow - $50,000 plus, Patron - $25,000 plus, Benefactor - $15,000 plus, Principle - $10,000 plus, Regent - $5,000 plus, Executor - $3,000 plus and $1,000 plus.  

Board Members Absent:  Steve Berry, Heath Holdaway, Christian Stein

I.  Minutes Approval – The Board reviewed the minutes from the 2019 Mid-year Meeting and approved the minutes by a motion from Gary Joyner and a second by John Jacob, who passed unanimously.  

II. Financials - The Board reviewed the 2019 -2020 Audit and on a motion made by Mark Kemp and second by Gary Joyner, the motion passed unanimously.

III.  Grant Submissions - The Board reviewed the grant submissions for 2020.  The Board reviewed the three grant requests.  The first was a request to renew the funding for the NCMCA for the workforce development support for $20,000.  Jeff Buczkiewicz said that NCMCA did all the required steps from the first request and stated that the review committee recommended funding this project.  On a motion made by Kent Huntley and seconded by Brian Carney, the grant request received approval for funding.  The Masonry Institute of Iowa submitted a request for additional funding of their prison program for $6,000.  Jeff Buczkiewicz said the IA program was up to date on the requirements of the 2019 project and that the review committee recommended funding of this program.  On a motion made by Gary Joyner and seconded by Mark Kemp, the motion passed.  A third request was made by two universities Cal state and LA Tech University.  Jeff Buczkiewicz said it was a new request and that the review committee did not recommend funding this project.  On a motion made by Gary Joyner and seconded by Mark Kemp, this project was denied funding.  

Pledge By State. The above graph shows the total amount of dollars pledged by contractors or contractor groups by state.  It does not include supplier contributions.  

IV.  A brief update was given on the shared employee arrangements.  The COVID has thrown a stall in the progress on this.  We will work on the further development of this as we work through 2020 and into 2021.         

V.  New Business – There was no new business.

VI.  Old Business – There was no old business.  

VII.  Adjourn – On a motion made by Gary Joyner and seconded by Brian Carney, the meeting was adjourned.  


About the Author

Jeff Buczkiewicz is the President and CEO of the Mason Contractors Association of America. Jeff has worked in the masonry industry for several years as the Executive Vice President of the Building Stone Institute and the Director of Marketing and Membership for the Mason Contractors Association of America. Jeff has also served as Secretary on the Board of the Natural Stone Council and is a former Board Member of the StonExpo Federation.


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