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Photo: vittaya25
December 23, 2021 8:00 AM CST

Closing Thoughts


Every year it seems like we sit back and think where did the year go and it sure does go by faster and faster. Does time seem to move faster the older we get, or is it how we live our lives in today's world? 

So this is my last article and last couple of weeks serving on the Executive Board of MCAA. It has been truly an honor to serve the past eight years on the Executive Board. I have learned so much and grown while serving in so many ways it's hard to describe how this has affected my life. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of our industry than before. And how deep relationships develop with people you don’t live around or see face to face but a few times a year. 

The work doesn’t stop as I enter the “Has Been” fraternity. I talked to our newest Executive Board member about the experience and assured him that I and the others before me will always have his back. I know this from experience, there have been a few issues during my last two years that I reached back out to our former Chairmen and got their input and help, and they were there without even thinking twice about calling back or getting on a conference call. In December, I was at a local event when a fellow competitor came up to me and said he likes reading these articles, and the personal experiences I have shared have made it genuine.  

Many have sent me personal emails after reading these, and others personally have come up to me and talked about them. It's a great feeling, and it goes along with the feeling I have had over the years serving our industry and you. 

I can’t say enough about our MCAA staff, especially Todd, Dan, Bronzella, Jen, and of course, Jeff. They continue to push the envelope and think outside the box. The magazine continues to adjust to the market and provide our membership with a great resource. Our legislative efforts have looked different the last couple of years but have continued to move forward. Our resources for online content continue to grow, including more webinars. Our membership continues to grow, and our retention continues to improve. 

It takes a team to make all this happen, and between the Staff, Committees, and our Board, we have quite the TEAM. Larry, Dick, and Kent have been a great team to work with. Each of us has brought a different piece of the pie to the Board, and we have grown together. I know MCAA is continuing to head to great places with their leadership.

There are many people to thank for their support during this experience, and a lot of them are the ones reading this article, but I do want to single out two MCAA members, competitor, and friend, John Jacob (John J).  When I started on the Executive Board, he told me, “anything you need help with let me know.” He has been there the entire time for me and has tagged along on a few trips when I was heading out alone. 

He scolded me recently because I didn’t let him know I was heading out by myself on a trip. I reminded him I’m a big boy and can travel independently. But I will say it's been great to have him along, for those would have been lonely trips. Additionally, Mason Hill, John, and I first spent time with Mason and his dad at the Trump Hotel in DC during a fly-in, and since then, the Hill Family has also become family. My business partner Jason saw early on the value in MCAA and my want to give back and has helped me find the time to make it work with our business.  

Last but not least, my family. We don’t live near our parents, so it was challenging with three kids at home and involved in everything. But Lisa made it work along with help from many of our friends back home. She is my best friend, my rock, and the love of my life. I celebrated 20 years of membership in MCAA during 2021, and I hope to be able to celebrate 40 years down the road, of course, in retirement.  But thank you for trusting me and allowing me to grow with our organization, and I’m proud to call the MCAA Family an extension of our family.

About the Author

Paul Oldham is the MCAA Legislative Committee Chairperson.


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