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MCAA Association Health Plan

We understand the challenges that many of our members face in providing cost-effective health insurance to employees. The Affordable Care Act has proven to be a costly program for employers with between 2 and 50 employees.

The Trump Administration has changed the regulations enabling national association plans to be developed introducing new competition, and enabling small employers to obtain large group pricing.

By banding together in a national plan, small employers can use their combined membership to negotiate better terms with insurance carriers. AHPs also allow small employers to gain access to large group plan designs and doctor networks while avoiding pitfalls that add costs to small group medical plans.

Medical Coverage with United Healthcare

The MCAA Association Health Plan allows employers to choose the plan design that is the right fit for their employees, with 40 plan design offerings available. Employers can choose up to five of these plans to offer their organization. These options will allow you to ensure the right level of benefits at the right cost for your employees. With the proposals we have already started to process, about 80% of members are receiving substantial savings compared to their current plans.

The program is underwritten by United Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health insurance carriers. The MCAA portfolio has approximately 40 plans, all using UHC’s largest PPO network the Choice Plus plan with over 90% of all practicing physicians and hospitals in it. Our deductible options range from $500 to $5,000. We have plans with $0 primary care office visit copays as well as higher options (with lower premiums). We also have H.S.A. compatible plans, and all plans qualify under the Affordable Care Act. We are hopeful that with 40 options and (the ability to offer employee as many as five plans) our members will easily find insurance programs that will meet their needs.

The MCAA association plan also includes a full range of supplemental benefit offerings including life, disability, dental, and vision.

Life and Disability with One America

For employers that are providing a minimum of $10,000 of life insurance to their full-time employees, we have a voluntary (employee-paid) disability policy that includes the following:

This is a great offering since disability coverage is one of the most difficult coverages to obtain in our industry without providing medical history.

Dental and Vision with UHC

There are dental and visions plans available through United Healthcare on either a voluntary (employee pay all) or Contributory (employer pays a portion of the premium) basis.

How to Obtain a Quote

Most of the plans we are reviewing are showing savings for employers with between 2 and 50 employees.

To be eligible, a company must be an active member of the MCAA. New companies can also participate in the AHP, if they become MCAA members by the effective date of the plan.

To find out if there are savings available for your company, you can either reach out directly to us at, or have your broker solicit a proposal from The MCAA Association Health Plan team within UHC.

For Brokers

This new program allows brokers throughout the country to obtain quotes as well. The instructions for insurance brokers on what needs to be provided in a quote request are included below:

“Being a member of MCAA says that you care about the future of the industry.”

Gary Arkin
Premier Stoneworks, LLC
MCAA member since 2015

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