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Communication at the Jobsite: Giving Up "Because I told you so!"

Provider: Informa
Discipline: Ethics & Business Practices
Credits: 1.50

Anyone who has worked in the field on a jobsite for any length of time knows that communication is very often a challenge. Communication between the field and the main office as well as communication from primary leadership to superintendent to the field crew is not always present. The key to complete success with every job, big or small, is full and complete communication everywhere at all times! During this session attendees will break down the issues that get in the way of complete communication at the jobsite, provide easy-to-implement solutions, and get on the road to great communication.
1. Differentiate between spoken and unspoken communication
2. Improve communication―both speaking and listening
3. Communicate upsets on the jobsite and get a resolution quickly
4. Recognize implied assumptions

For more information please visit or contact Informa at 972-536-6416.

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