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Effective Marketing and Business Development for Mason Contractors


The planned title for this manual was, "Effective Marketing for Mason Contractors." However, marketing is a means rather than an end. Whatever marketing a contractor engages in is, ultimately, for the purpose of retaining existing business or generating new business. For example, companies don't produce multi-colored out of a love of the written word or, normally, to give employment to the owner of a local printing company. They invest (i.e., they spend money) on a brochure because they hope that it will impress both their customers and, more importantly, potential customers who will eventually result in new business. So, the emphasis of this manual is balanced between marketing techniques and business development.

This manual is divided into four Sections. Section A gives an overview of marketing and new business development (i.e., what is involved). Section B offers a brief outline of the various marketing tools. Section C provides a format or guide to actually developing a marketing/new business development plan. Finally, Section D pulls it all together in the form of a workbook which will enable you to develop a marketing/new business development plan.

Section A - A Brief Overview

What is Business Marketing?
Why is Business Development Different From Marketing?
The Typical Problem Facing Contractors
Bid Contracts - A World of its Own
Who is (Or Should Be) Involved in Marketing?

Section B - The Basic Marketing Tools

Logo, Stationary, Etc.
Newsletters and Mailings
Articles and Publications
Trade Shows/Association Meetings
Entertainment Activities
Marketing Database
Direct Sales Calls
The Marketing Plan Itself

Section C - Developing a Marketing/Business Development Plan

The Marketing Audit
Establishing Marketing Objectives
Defining the Basic Strategies
The Operational Plan
Measurement of Effectiveness

Section D - The Workbook

Exercise 1 - Introduction
Exercise 2 - The Company's Image
Exercise 3 - Current Marketing Effort
Exercise 4 - Definition of Marketing Objectives
Exercise 5 - Marketing/Communication Tasks
Exercise 6 - Definition of Basic Strategies
Exercise 7 - Conversion of the Strategies into On Year Operational Plans
Exercise 8 - Assigning Responsibilities and Determining the Time Frame
Exercise 9 - Development of the Marketing Budget
Exercise 10 - Measuring the Effectiveness of the Program


Effective Marketing and Business Development for Mason Contractors
Dr. William E. Matthews
Counselors in Effective Management
P.O. Box 35
Wayne, NJ 07470
(201) 633-5317

© 1996 Mason Contractors Association of America

Photographs by D. Yatka
Illustrations by Gary Frontier

“The mason contractors involved in the MCAA all work towards the same goals.”

David Veazey
Veazey Enterprises, Inc.
MCAA member since 1965

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