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Bryant Bank

Bryant Bank

Trussville, AL

Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank
Bryant Bank

Mason Contractor: Masonry Arts, Inc.
Architect: Ward, Scott & Veron
General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors
Suppliers: Block USA
Owner: Bryant Bank

Project Description

The new Bryant Bank Office is a new bank located in historic downtown Trussville, AL. Bryant Bank began operating in Trussville over two years ago working out of a rented building, with a plan to build a new bank building to better serve the Trussville area. Bryant Bank has been growing over the last five years and now has thirteen locations across the state of Alabama. Three of these Bryant Bank buildings were constructed using Block USA’s Spec Brik half high units, which is an economical concrete block that provides the aesthetic look of brick while offering the cost savings of single wythe concrete block.

The Spec Brik half-high unit is a new product that has revolutionized the architectural concrete masonry industry. This product is a blended half-high unit that provides the traditional look of brick while at the same time offers the strength of concrete masonry. The fact that Spec Brik is a single-wythe product eliminates the need for redundant support systems; it speeds construction and reduces cost. In fact, several large commercial contractors have reported time savings of up to 30% over traditional construction methods.

At the construction phase Spec Brik provides initial cost savings. Bryant Bank’s new office project was able to save money by eliminating the need for exterior and interior veneers and finishes.

Because there is no need for scheduled refinishing of interior and exterior wall surfaces, the use of Spec Brik can reduce lifetime operating costs. The product resists most wear and tear damage, reducing unscheduled maintenance and lowering long-term maintenance costs.

This project was immediately placed on a fast track to meet the desired day for the Bryant Bank office to be completed. The order for the Wal Mart project was placed at the beginning of May, three weeks after the order was placed, shipments began being delivered to the jobsite. Beginning in June Block USA began shipping product to the jobsite.

Block USA was not only able to provide a cost efficient, strong and attractive product for this job; but they were also able to work closely with the general contractor, Brassfield & Gorrie, and the mason, Masonry Arts, to use a set of best practices for placing this product. This in the end helped the project make sure that the Spec Brick block placed on this job was correctly handled on the jobsite and placed in the wall.

Date of Project Completion: December 2009

Photography by Hogan Hartzog

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