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Cherokee Health Systems

Cherokee Health Systems

Knoxville, TN

Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems
Cherokee Health Systems

Mason Contractor: WASCO, Inc. Certified Mason Contractor
Architect: Cockrill Design & Planning

Project Description

This project was selected as the first of many new structures to be built in commencement of the redevelopment of the Western Avenue Corridor in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Several other buildings were begun during the construction of the Cherokee Health Systems building as part of this downtown redevelopment venture.

The Cherokee Health Systems building utilizes a blend of multiple masonry materials. As you approach the building, you are met with a band of cast-in-place concrete banded multiple reveals. Rising above the concrete is a combination of three brick colors in multiple sizes which lends to the contemporary feel of the structure. A unique detail at several building corners makes the use of alternating recessed and projected brick bands to punctuate a vivid masonry design. The center of the building bows out in a radius that surrounds a storefront with masonry and concrete.

Masonry details include two different brick sizes (closures and utilities) of three varying colors with three different colors of mortar, corbel accents under the windows with soldiers at the window heads and accent bands at the window mullions. The design of the brickwork accents both the aluminum storefront and the cast-in-place concrete.

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