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Eilermann Residence

Eilermann Residence


Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence
Eilermann Residence

2006 MCAA International Excellence in Masonry Award Winner

Mason Contractor: Spencer Brickwork, Inc.
Architect: Dick Busch Architects

Project Description

Design Challenge
The owners of this remarkable 6,374-square-foot Old World residence challenged the architect to create an imaginative European design that would establish their home as a one-of-a-kind creation. The result is a singular English Country-styled structure that artfully uses brick and stone to create a unique identity.

Primary Details and Features
A European-styled courtyard on the front elevation makes a bold statement in this conservative Midwestern market, where tradition normally rules. Set adjacent to the main entrance, the courtyard is enclosed behind a short expanse of brick wall topped by a W-shaped row of stone caps. Within the courtyard, a stone fireplace highlights one wall while an impressive water feature adorns another. Scaffolding these interior walls was a challenge since the roof was already in place. The template for the gracefully sweeping capstones was created on site by the masons. The stone for the walls is Harvest Mix; 86 tons were used on the residence.

Cultured stone is used in the foyer for its visual impact, replacing the normal convention: a staircase. The use of interior stone also suggests that a front porch had once been in place and had been filled in to become part of the home's interior, in the European tradition. A music room immediately off the foyer marks yet another deviation from convention.

The hearth room is filled with the look of the Old World, thanks to the artistic use of masonry. After the brick veneer had been installed, one wall was covered with stucco, which was then chipped off. The result was a wall that appears to be 100 years old. Over the fireplace, a mural of stone veneer - an inspiration of the masonry foreman - adds an interesting, rough-hewn composition to the wall.

The perfect circular shape of the turret on the front elevation was achieved by cutting each piece of stone so that it fit the tight radius. The ability to shape masonry helped avoid flat spots in the finished curvature.

The dining room fireplace is made from stone veneer cut into carefully measured lengths that allow the stone to bridge the log box without cracking. In all, the residence contains five fireplaces and three chimneys.

The 12/12 pitch of the roof made the scaffolding for the chimneys especially difficult. Three different levels were involved for the front chimney, making its scaffolding extremely challenging.

In another break with convention, a gathering room to the rear of the house is actually a separate unit connected by a breezeway. The entrance to the room features arches that were designed as well as constructed by the mason contractor.

A pair of commanding stone wing walls and steps distinguish the exit stairs near the garage, while a few thousand square feet of rugged stone and brick paving complete the plan.

Thanks to its imaginative design, this remarkable residence surprises and delights with its many unexpected nuances.

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