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Fluor Corporate Headquarters

Fluor Corporate Headquarters

Irving, TX

Fluor Corporate Headquarters
Fluor Corporate Headquarters
Fluor Corporate Headquarters
Fluor Corporate Headquarters
Fluor Corporate Headquarters
Fluor Corporate Headquarters

Mason Contractor: Dee Brown, Inc. Certified Mason Contractor
Architect: Forum Studio

Project Description

The Fluor Corporate Headquarters, located just minutes from DFW airport, is a three story campus style building.

The project was a LEED project requiring the use of materials within a 500 mile radius to meet the LEED requirement. For that reason West Texas Lueders Limestone roughback (or quarry face) material was used as an integral part of this project both on the exterior and interior façades. The native limestone material is quarried in the small town of Lueders approximately 30 miles Northeast of Abilene, Texas.

Quarried in the various bed depths, the face of the material in each instance is used to give a much greater contrast in material than the typically utilized smooth face material. The Lueders Limestone was also used in a machine smooth finish at the sills, as well as the accent bands.

Some smooth panels are utilized under the smooth finish copings at the fountain and guard shack. The main entries and hallways of the building are filled with limestone columns and feature walls in keeping with the same components as utilized on the exterior façade.

On this project, along with responsibility for all moisture control-related items and shelf angles, DBI had an incredibly tight schedule of 8 weeks on the exterior façade installing approximately 25,500 sf of limestone materials. The interior, which added approximately 3 weeks to the schedule, included almost 10,000 additional sf of material. The secondary material was an Oklahoma Sandstone that was randomly installed on several sitewalls and building base walls throughout the campus.

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