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HEB Waco

HEB Waco

Waco, TX

HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco
HEB Waco

2014 MCAA TEAM Awards Winner

Mason Contractor: Brazos Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Selser Schaefer Architects
General Contractor: Joeris General Contractors
Suppliers: Acme Brick Company
Owner: HEB Grocery Company, L.P.

Wall System: Single Wythe: Reinforced Concrete Block

Project Description

HEB is the largest grocery chain in Texas and it is always looking for ways to upgrade. This store was replacing two stores that their customers loved to shop at. HEB assured all of their customers that they would love the new shopping place and it would be located between the two stores that it was replacing. It made us all proud when the design team and owner agreed that masonry would be the most efficient product to construct a user friendly store.

As with all retail facilities, schedule was critical and once again masonry was the choice of product to build a store that would open on time. With the entire exterior load bearing CMU the masonry started in the middle of the critical path. Using the right scaffold, grout pumps and H-Block along with other special CMU pieces, the project finished ahead of schedule.

The owner desired for this store to match the Baylor campus. That meant Baylor Red brick with Baylor special mortar and stone needed to be used. Not only did the color need to match but also the design needed a similar look. Several false chimneys were designed, capped off with stone. The walls had stone ribbons and the window sills were stone. The walls were capped off with stone coping. University architecture became the architecture of a bustling retail store

Masonry brought beauty and a friendly welcome to its customers. It is energy efficient and its life cycle makes this the most economical design for retail businesses.

Date of Project Completion: July 2013

Photography by Norma Jean Bounds

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