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Austin, TX

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Mason Contractor: Brazos Masonry, Inc.
Suppliers: Continental Quarries

Wall System: Cavity Wall: Stone Slab Veneer/Reinforced Concrete Block

Project Description

This project all started on a lot on the side of a hill in downtown Austin. It was located just a few blocks from the University of Texas, at the very end of the street. That equals a very tight site and a scaffold nightmare on a portion of the project. At the same time, we knew this was the owners dream home.

The exterior walls of the home, pool house and apartment garage were CMU and covered with Texas Crème stone. The architecture fit the older, but very nice neighborhood it was located in. Not only did the craftsmen hand set each piece of stone but also had to put final touches to the carved pieces. A huge challenge was the windows which were already set before the installation of stone. They were wood windows made out a special wood that is only found in Africa. Our craftsmen not only protected them but never allowed one piece to damage the stone.

Scaffolding on the pool house dropped down 30 feet, down the hill, before you could start setting the stone. The owner requested no heavy equipment in fear of damage to the oak tree roots. Very heavy pieces of stone, carved stone and soffit stone was a challenge to the craftsmen, but they rose up to the challenge.

The owner was thrilled with the stone and craftsmanship and will acknowledge his home is energy efficient due to Masonry!

Date of Project Completion: August 2013

Photography by Norma Jean Bounds

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“The mason contractors involved in the MCAA all work towards the same goals.”

David Veazey
Veazey Enterprises, Inc.
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