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Legacy Retail Center, Phase I

Legacy Retail Center, Phase I

San Antonio, TX

Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I
Legacy Retail Center, Phase I

Mason Contractor: Brazos Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Hodges & Associates

Project Description

The Legacy Retail Center, Phase I, located in San Antonio, Texas, is truly an architect's dream consisting of a stunning combination of different face brick types, cast stone and limestone. Their design embraced color, finish, size, and texture. With shell space fit for any high-class retailer, the location right off Highway 281 is a sight to see for all passers-by.

Over 294,000 modular face brick, in six different colors, provide for a colorful skin reminiscent of the hodge-podge construction of Old San Antone. For the first two buildings of the latest concept in retail property development, we combined material, color, coursing, and patterning. The vibrant brick colors ranged from deep reds to greys to cream and even to black. Six corbeled cornice patterns of the cream-colored brick adorn the tops of the walls. You will notice that the flash-finished black brick appear to change color during the day, up to, and including, a white appearance.

5,000 square feet of Leuders Roughback Limestone and cast stone produced unique eye-catching columns. Each pilaster was designed slightly different from the next. When viewing the buildings, no two columns appear alike. Split-face wedge shaped limestone medallions ornament the veneer. The top-heavy wedges weighed over 900 pounds each. These larges pieces had to be individually set one-by-one using forklifts. When strolling through the location at night, precise lighting placed below each medallion creates an ambient atmosphere of peace.

Legacy is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past." This precise definition proves to show that the Legacy Retail Center will continue to shine as a point of architectural and commercial interest in the San Antonio community for many years to come.

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