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Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point

Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point

Uwharrie Point, NC

Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point
Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point

Mason Contractor: Griffin Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Christopher Phelps & Associates LLC

Project Description

Griffin Masonry, Inc. began construction of the Jim and Daphne Perry Residence at Uwharrie Point, NC in March, 2002. We dug and poured the footings and basement walls and installed the masonry portion of the foundation. We completed the veneer in November, 2003. Griffin Masonry is a turnkey masonry and concrete contractor located in Mint Hill, NC. The general contractor, Uwharrie Lakes Builders, and homeowners relied on Griffin Masonry extensively for the design and construction of the masonry portion of their home. The Perry Residence presented many unique challenges in accomplishing the homeowner's goals of using masonry to create the perfect lake house.

The Perry residence is a tribute to fine workmanship, creativity and design. The Perry's wanted to maximize their view of Baden Lake so we designed three chimneys with caps that allowed the approaching visitor to view the lake through the chimneys. The chimneys had numerous recessed panels and intricate chimney caps. The owners gave Griffin Masonry free reign to design and build the chimneys, which are massive as well as detailed. There are two interior chimneys with a total of three fireboxes. The exterior chimney has two fireboxes and a grilling area. The home's masonry beauty, craftsmanship and attention to detail should not be lost in its shear size. The house consumed 9,780 man hours and 210,000 masonry units.

The Perry's made two stipulations, use ogees on all steps and sills, and cover all exposed lintels and steel. The first stipulation was not too difficult but the second proved a challenge. We saved the homeowners considerable money in special shapes by using only ogees, solids and face brick. Every detail on the house was painstakingly cut and pieced together. A Halfen anchoring system was utilized so that all arches and free standing flat surfaces were drilled and attached with no exposed metal. Many areas of the veneer appear to be suspended in air. We utilized basic arch support principles to eliminate the use of exposed metal around the lake side of the home. The patio is supported by masonry columns and arches. A two foot radius half barrel arch which is 7 feet long connects the staircase to another 2 foot radius half barrel arch which is 6 feet long arch and connects the grilling area to the garage area.

Because of the steep terrain and sloop to the lake the house utilized two massive retaining walls. Curves were incorporated into the walls to add strength and sloped ogee caps melded the walls into the surrounding environment. Considerable time, resources, skill, ingenuity and creativity produced a magnificent home that will proudly boast the merits of masonry and craftsmanship for generations to come.

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