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San Jacinto Animal Shelter

San Jacinto Animal Shelter

San Jacinto, CA

San Jacinto Animal Shelter
San Jacinto Animal Shelter
San Jacinto Animal Shelter
San Jacinto Animal Shelter
San Jacinto Animal Shelter

Mason Contractor: Ron Shoffeitt Masonry
Architect: Harley Ellis Devereux
General Contractor: Tovey/Shultz Construction, Inc.
Suppliers: Superlite Block, Inc.
Owner: Country of Riverside Animal Services

Project Description

‘Riverside County Department of Animal Services provides animal services for unincorporated areas of the County, and is a resource for their shelter locations and the adoption of pets. The program for the San Jacinto location includes not only extensive animal housing/holding areas, but administration offices and a full veterinary surgical suite. The requirement for a single level and a 37,000 sf footprint suggested several independent buildings clustered around a series of outdoor spaces.   Though the buildings accommodate a wide range of programmatic functions they share a common palette that references the local vernacular of simple forms and economic building systems. The main building is constructed with concrete masonry units with a honed surface in a neutral color that matches the ground material. Not only does its load bearing capabilities provide the primary structural system, but its thermal mass reduces the load on the mechanical systems, saving energy. The animal holding areas need to be able to stand up to an extremely intensive maintenance program, but also provide an attractive backdrop for the adoption of pets. In response, a glazed masonry unit was selected for its self-finished characteristics, in addition to the wide range of colors available providing the opportunity to create a pixilated interpretation of the surrounding rural landscape.   The use of masonry is a key determinant in the character of the whole campus and the result evokes an agrarian quality that befits the humane treatment of animals in a rural setting.’

Date of Project Completion: November 2010


2015 NCMA/ICPI Concrete Masonry Design Award of Excellence

Photography by Maha Comianos

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