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Stampin' Up! Project

Stampin' Up! Project

Riverton, UT

Stampin' Up! Project
Stampin' Up! Project
Stampin' Up! Project
Stampin' Up! Project

Mason Contractor: Masonomics
Architect: Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects

Project Description

In 1988, in the small town of Kanab, Utah, Shelli Gardner started a small, home based rubber stamp business to help provide supplementary income for her family. Over the preceding 17 years, this business has grown to the point that it now includes over 500 employees and nearly 50,000 demonstrators. As one can imagine, along with this explosive growth came logistical growing pains that had to be dealt with. By 2001, the business was manufacturing the stamps in Kanab but had moved it's administrative and distribution functions into some leased space in Salt Lake City. Shelli dreamed of combining both of the distribution and administration of her company into a custom-built facility she could call her own.

She retained an architect in 2001 and began designing her new facility. From the beginning, Shelli wanted her building to have a historically reminiscent feeling. She and her architect looked to historic buildings in and around the Salt Lake Valley for inspiration in the design. From the start, it she noted that each of the historic buildings she found attractive had beautiful brick masonry exteriors above larger stone masonry bases. She decided that her facility would have nothing less.

The Naylor Wentworth Lund design uses large Arriscraft Renaissance calcium silicate units with quark-mitered corners on the first floor toped with standard brick units using extensive detailing and quoin corners on the second through fourth floors. A pre-cast concrete band creates the transition between the upper and lower masonry types. The design also features large, 3-story tall arched windows accented and surrounded by sectioned, pre-cast concrete pieces.

The project was on a fast-track construction schedule that required the construction coordination of eight separate bid packages to complete the work.

The erection of the pre-cast concrete sections at the arched windows was especially difficult as the mason was required to have the structural attachments for each stone engineered such that the attachment would not interfere with the interior of the building.

Other notable features of this project include:

  • Heating and cooling using a geothermal loop heat exchanger (GHLE) system incorporating 148, 350 foot deep geo wells.

  • Raised access flooring throughout the administration center accommodating HVAC, power and tele-data transmission allowing maximum flexibility to office layout.

  • Material handling system using state of the art pick to light technology.

  • Site space for the addition of an adjoining 100,000 square foot office tower mirroring the first.

Shelli is extremely pleased with the finished project. The administration and distribution functions of her company are now working together in a wonderful new facility that is enjoyed by all. The completion of this facility is a stepping stone toward further growth and development for her company. The completed building, with its massive stone and masonry exterior, stands as a continuing testament to strength and beauty that masonry provides.

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