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Starbucks at Old School O7

Starbucks at Old School O7

Phoenix, AZ

Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7
Starbucks at Old School O7

Mason Contractor: Re-Create Companies, LLC dba Creative Masonry
Architect: RSP Architects
General Contractor: Chasse Building Team
Suppliers: Upstate Masonry Institute
Owner: Wetta Ventures

Wall System: Single Wythe: Reinforced Concrete Block

Project Description

The goal at Old School was to create a new 1,700 sf building for the Starbucks Drive Thru that would complement the architecture of the existing 1940’s church and school buildings, but not attempt to necessarily blend in with it. At Old School, our goal was to employ the masonry in a decorative way but also in the tradition of those great mid-century buildings that inspire us, ensuring that the masonry had purpose as well. The design employs the masonry as the exterior wall system for the building, but also for the ‘scrim’ walls that provide a veiled layer of shade for the building’s façade and outdoor spaces including the patio dining area and drive-thru pick-up window. Working through the details of the design, the team was given the directive that the masonry scrim walls needed to support the sweeping roof overhangs without the use of structure other than the masonry itself. While this proved challenging having selected the open-cell blocks as the medium for these walls, the design and construction team eventually landed on a solution that allowed these ghostly screened walls to hold up the roof. Ultimately, we have an attractive and suitable structure that truly blends in with the neighborhood inthe community.

Date of Project Completion: August 2013


Excellence in Masonry Architectural Awards - Merit Award, Non-Residential, 2014

Photography by RSP Architects

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