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The Dienst Point House

The Dienst Point House

Lake Norman, NC

The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House
The Dienst Point House

Mason Contractor: Griffin Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Carolina Design Group

Project Description

The craftsmanship of the masonry work of The Dienst Point House could easily be lost in its 28,000 square foot size but at every turn the quality and attention to detail entices the eye of the observer. Dienst Custom Homes provided a blank canvas for Griffin Masonry out of Charlotte, North Carolina to let the paints of creative vision, artistic design and quality craftsmanship flow. Griffin Masonry used ogee brick on sills, returns, steps and walls to soften the edges of the house and take away the ridged feel of the brick. The total number of ogees used was 4,600. The homeowners wanted to utilize the character of the face brick by having Griffin Masonry use it in various forms including quoin corners, bonded soldiers, and radius arches. The homeowners also wanted the warmth of brick on their entryway so face brick were grouted on the front porch to give the appearance of pavers.

Coming around the side of the house you notice the terrain of the lot and the height of one of the house's 5 chimneys. The chimneys in the house accounted for over 50,000 common brick before being covered with natural stone.

The rear of the house accentuates the art form and structural integrity of the masonry. The radius arches and columns make the rear porch appear like it is suspended in mid air. Basic arch support principles were used to eliminate the use of exposed metal around the lake side of the home. These compound radius arches were created to support the patio and upper deck. Also on the rear patio you will see a specially designed outdoor fireplace and grill area. Complimenting the rear of the house is a 3 story radius wall that overlooks Lake Norman. In addition to the 3 story radius wall is a 3 story bay window which was constructed using manufactured forty-five degree brick to hide exposed masonry joints seen by cutting forty-fives. The combination of the 3 story bay and 3 story radius walls allows the homeowners to achieve a panoramic view of Lake Norman and its surroundings.

The total project required over 7,600 man hours lasting a little over 11 months to construct. The house consists of over 180,000 total masonry units. The Diesnt Point House demonstrates a lot of masonry aspects and the skill and craftsmanship will be appreciated for many years.

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