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The Meridian

The Meridian

Salem, OR

The Meridian
The Meridian
The Meridian
The Meridian
The Meridian
The Meridian

Mason Contractor: Davidson's Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Arbuckle Costic Architects, Inc.
General Contractor: John Hyland Construction
Suppliers: Mutual Materials Company
Owner: MissCom LLC

Wall System: Cavity Wall: Brick Veneer/Steel Stud

Project Description

The Meridian is a mixed use project located on the south edge of downtown Salem, Oregon. In keeping with the historic brick façade buildings of downtown, brick construction was the natural choice. Additionally, brick veneer’s tried and true water management capabilities necessitated it use in this condominium project. Compatibility with the brick veneer led to the selection of calcium-silicate stone masonry (CSM) for the base of the building. The CSM is installed in veneer fashion with water management capabilities identical to the brick veneer.

Date of Project Completion: January 2009


2010 MIOCTIO Hammurabi Honor Award

Photography by Bill Enos

“The MCAA is truly trying to move the masonry industry forward.”

Thomas Cummer
Cummer Masonry, Inc.
MCAA member since 2003

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