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A Crystal Ball - Early Warning Signs of Construction Claims and Disputes

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of America
Discipline: Ethics & Business Practices
Credits: 1.50

It is axiomatic that claims and disputes on projects do not appear out of nowhere. Experience indicates that when a dispute occurs, there is a back story or history of events, decisions, lack of decisions, etc. that can be traced back from a few weeks to several years that gave rise to the dispute. These past events or decisions are known as “early warning signs” of claims and disputes. Typically, it is only when claims are filed at the end of a project that attorneys and claims consultants review project documentation and interview the project team in order identify such early warnings. In retrospect many project team members comment to the effect “If only I had recognized that then!”

While there is little literature listing early warning signs of claims and disputes, this webinar does exactly this. After gathering the collective observations of numerous construction claims consultants the author collated these early warning signs into the typical project phases including the bid or proposal, the initial contract and the construction phases. The webinar also identifies which party should watch for which early warning sign and what sort of claim or dispute may arise.

This information packed, 90 minute webinar will help you:

  • Understand what are early warning signs of construction claims and disputes;
  • Identify these early warning signs;
  • Become aware of what types of claims may arise from these early warning signs if no action is taken to forestall these potential claims;
  • Learn some actions that may be taken to prevent claims and disputes.
This webinar will provide the following benefits for attendees:
  • Be able to detect early warning signs of claims and disputes as early as the planning, design and bidding phases of a project.
  • Once such early warning signs are identified, understand what types of claims may arise if nothing is done to resolve potentially disputed issues.
  • Understand what actions may be taken to resolve the issue before it becomes a claim or dispute.
Who will benefit?
  • Attorneys dealing with construction delays claims and disputes.
  • Owners and owner representatives managing capital improvement projects.
  • Contractor executives, project managers, project sponsors and project control personnel.
  • Construction managers and design professionals performing services during construction.

For more information please visit or contact Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

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