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Seven Strategies to Increase Production

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of America
Discipline: Ethics & Business Practices
Credits: 1.50

This webinar, presented by Dennis Engelbrecht, Director of CEO Roundtables for the Family Business Institute, Inc., focuses on the most important factors separating successful and unsuccessful masonry contractors in each market. In these tough times where the industry as a whole is operating as a loss, survival of the fittest is the paradigm and break even can represent success, getting more from your people and your operational systems can make the difference between success and failure. See what successful contractors have done and are doing to gain time and efficiency.

We will address the following seven key points:

  • Measuring production and communicating results to drive success & improvement
  • Superior job planning & logistics
  • Why quality is a hidden secret to increase productions
  • Contractor & job site relations - keys to successful cooperation
  • Getting the ideal crew mix
  • The role of the business leadership in driving production
  • The truth about incentive systems. Can money motivate production?
Many of these ideas come from the innovative masonry leaders involved in the “Nashville” Masonry CEO Roundtable Group, which the presenter of this Webinar facilitates.

For more information please visit or contact Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

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Donald McCauley
Hunt Country Masonry, Inc.
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