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Masonry Career Information

Masonry Careers

A wide variety of careers are available within the masonry industry from mason to instructor to project manager. Depending upon your interests, you could pursue opportunities in many different areas of masonry. Several examples of possible careers within the industry are listed.

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Many traditional career options for young people have been overlooked during the past decade, amid the boom of the technology industry. Now that our economy is "back to basics," it's time to consider the advantages of work in the long established vocational trades. Trades are a great career choice for many hardworking and talented students.

Specifically, within the construction trades, the masonry industry offers great benefits including advancement opportunities, job security, paid training, and financial strength - and that's just the beginning. Masonry work presents both an analytical and creative outlet, a sense of pride in accomplishment and job flexibility. Most importantly, masonry is an enduring craft that promises to be lucrative far into the future - and the opportunities are wide open!

Career Information for Educators

Give your students the tools to check out a career in masonry absolutely free, and build a solid future! You're the expert on the employment landscape your students face when they leave school. As you know, today's employment prospects aren't promising, especially for students who don't pursue a college degree. Without learned skills and the knowledge of their options, these students struggle to build the right careers.

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Career Information for Students

There are several opportunities to start a career in masonry since today the masonry industry is facing a shortage of skilled employees. As a skilled mason, your contributions will last for generations. Masons work with brick, concrete block, glass block, tile, terra cotta and stone. Work can be simple, as in building a wall, or complex, as in installing an ornate exterior or constructing a skyscraper.

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